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Family Portraits give you back

time  [lost in life's merry go round]

Why do we need portraits?

Long after digital images have lived on a social media post how you remember? Your physical, tangible,printed portraits are your way of telling your family and children they are the most important thing in life.


Enjoy and relive the best of times.  Life moves too fast. Hit the pause button today. 


Your soul will thank you for it. 

Every family session is uniquely crafted either in our studio or on location.  sessions are memorable and  unique. Decorate your home with wall art that features your family as art, in a season that suites your style. 

Why decorate with wall art? 


Whether you have one personal piece of wall art or many, every time you walk into your home there they are. Greeting you and reminding you of the best of times. 

Portraits inspire, instill confidence, reinforce values and send messages.


Your purchase will be enjoyed over and over making it the best investment your family can make.   

Schedule a session with portrait artist, Areti Bratsis, while your children are together. It is never too late though...

Before they leave for college, just after your first grandchild is born...any time is a good time to invest in creating a visual legacy. 

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