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wedding event photography

 Creatively capturing the events at a couple's union and providing turn key service has been the "secret" to creating happy clients experiences for over 30 years.

When you reserve my services you'll be taken care of well after your wedding day is over. You will not only get to keep your digital files archived on custom usb drive, you will have a way to revisit and share your keepsakes in a beautiful, heirloom quality album. This uniquely designed album will have have a mixture of classic family portraits, illustrative setups of the the two of you and of course the spontaneous captures which will define your unique day.

You deserve MORE than a memory stick, images stored on a server or paper prints from a personal printer.


If full service options are your style, get in touch to book a free wedding consultation.



Who will be the photographer on my wedding day? 

  All weddings are personally photographed by Areti Bratsis. At times there may be a second photographer or an assistant. Each person has a unique task however the overall vision and images you expect to see will come from the photographic artist you expect; Areti

Will you be there all day to photography everything happening? 

  Each wedding is unique and requires a different approach. Not everything needs to be photographically archived. During your consultation, you will let us know what is most important to you and choose the length of coverage to match. Our minimum length of time starts with 3 hours and can go all the up to 12  hours on a given day. 


Can I just get the digital files and order an album later? 

  Any bride will tell you there will be such of flurry of activity going on around you it’ll make your head whirl. You can’t possibly take it all in – your senses will be on overload.


A professionally designed, heirloom album will enable you to see and experience your wedding day from a quieter point of view; each time you turn the pages of your album,  it will be more than just a visual account , it will be a vehicle to transport you back to the day. 

Experience has shown, later comes and goes. Your album is included for your benefit. 


What do you charge for Wedding Day Coverage? 

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